Boot Camp

What Is Boot Camp?

The term “Boot Camp” stirs up bad memories of a drill Sargent yelling in my face and almost everything we did was painful. However, this term is used by almost everyone who starts an outdoors exercise program. At Real Fitness, and maybe because of my memories, we wanted to create a different program that was based on motivation, results, team work, nutrition and having fun. To do that I located the most popular and well run program of its kind in America. I worked out a license agreement with the owner of that program and brought The Transformation Boot Camp to Cedarburg.

Our Mission

To deliver highly-effective fitness programs that provide participants the opportunity to lose unwanted pounds, inches, and body fat while gaining more lean muscle, core strength, self-confidence and to do so in a supportive, highly motivational and fun environment!

Our Vision

To create a world of “fitness independent” people who are educated and aware of the correct nutritional choices they need to make in order to become confident in their abilities to maintain a lifestyle of health and fitness right into their old age.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on our core values and stand behind the success we have obtained helping people drop body fat and get healthier. They define who we are, how we operate our camps, and how we will treat you throughout your boot camp experience.

Transformation Boot Camp is a fee based class and so worth it…

Because it works and because our campers have such fun, we have grown into the longest running year around transformation program in the area. If you scroll down you’ll find more information on this program. We are so committed to this method of helping people get in shape, lose weight and have fun that we installed outdoor exercise equipment in Zeunert Park with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. If you’re looking for a REAL program, staffed by certified instructors who utilize actual equipment you have found the REAL Boot Camp opportunity in Ozaukee County. The concept behind the Transformation Boot Camp was founded in 2003 in Dallas, TX by fitness expert Mike Thornton. Real Fitness was founded in 2007 when Coach Bob Hahn bought the existing assets of a 15 year old fitness center and renamed it Real Fitness. Together we are the Transformation Boot Camp. Coach Bob expanded the old health club facilities and added both community outreach programs and many fitness classes in an effort to bring fitness and wellness to the greater Cedarburg/Grafton area. Real Fitness is more than just a workout place and Coach Bob wants the community to be able to enjoy wellness and a better lifestyle even if they have no interest in joining a health club. The Transformation Boot Camp is just one more way for them to do so. Real Fitness also donated a great set of outdoor fitness equipment that was placed in Zeunert Park so the whole community could enjoy fitness opportunities while enjoying the parks of Cedarburg. Check out this beautiful and functional equipment and try one of our nationally award winning outdoor Boot Camps this summer.

Boot Camp Goals

Extreme Professionalism

The Highest Standard of Integrity

A Dedication to Motivating Others

Delivering an Exceptional Experience

Safe & Effective Weight Loss Strategies

Positivity & Fun in Everything that We Do

Schedule of Summer Classes (Outdoors)

Camps fill quickly. Reserve your spot now call 262-376-2680
Sessions start at 5:25AM Sharp

May 3rd – May 28th 2021
June 7th – July 2nd, 2021
July 12th – Aug. 6th, 2021
Aug 9th – Sept. 3rd, 2021
Sept. 13th – Oct 8th, 2021 (outdoor/indoor)

“All campers entitled to free gym membership between sessions”

Winter Schedule of Classes (Indoors)

Winter indoor camps fill quickly. Reserve your spot now 262-376-2680
Sessions start at 5:25AM Sharp

Oct. 11th – Nov 5th -2021
Nov. 15th – Nov. 19th -2021
then: Nov. 29th – Dec.17th -2021
Jan 3rd – Jan. 28th – 2022
Feb 7th – Mar 4th – 2022
Mar 14th – April 8th – 2022

Early Morning Bootcamp sessions are paid classes

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