Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness Class improves the overall function of your body, boosting muscle strength
and endurance. You develop stability in your muscles and your body, allowing you to
complete everyday activities more efficiently. HAVE FUN AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

Benefits of Functional Training

Functional Fitness Class incorporates Functional Training.

Functional Training is important because it….

  • Increases the Ease of Everyday Life
  • Enhances Greater Muscle Memory
  • Is Low Impact
  • Increases Flexibility and Coordination
  • Improves Balance and Posture
  • Increases Strength and Stability
  • Helps with Joint Pain
  • Reduces Your Risk of Injury

What is Functional Training?

Functional training is a term used to describe exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily.

These exercises typically use the whole body, definitely multiple muscles, and emphasize core strength and stability.

Functional training focuses on large body movements that stabilize specific muscle groups and move others to mimic activities of daily life.

Functional Fitness

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