Bob Hahn


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Coach Bob has a lifetime of fitness knowledge and a common sense approach to help his clients achieve their fitness goals.

Coach Bob just may be one of the oldest certified personal trainers in the area and specializes in programs for seniors.  Coach Bob once weighted 285 pound and then he got involved in a national sponsored body transformation program and took 2nd place in the nation by losing 85 pounds of body fat and putting on 12 pounds of lean muscle mass. So excited about the process he became a personal trainer and a Certified Life Coach and developed the Real Fitness Transformation Program that has helped hundreds lose body fat and transform their bodies.  He also became certified as a Weight Loss Coach.  He is called “Coach Bob” by the members of Real Fitness.

Coach Bob tells his clients that at his age he knows what aches and pains are all about and also how to manage them by staying active and exercising, or “just doing something,” so you can gracefully take your youthful attitude right into your senior years.  He’s a living example of doing just that.  Stop in on one of Real Fitness trial memberships and have Coach Bob put together a TRX workout for you so you can learn how body weight exercise can help you deal with your current physical condition.  Whether you want to lose weight, get in better shape or get some relief from the “aging process” Coach Bob feels he can help you.