Why You Should Quit Smoking

diseases caused by smoking


  • Smoking is the biggest single preventable reason for disease and early death.
  • Smoking related illness costs the US taxpayer up to $150 billion annually.
  • There are 599 additives in cigarettes and 4000 toxic or carcinogenic chemicals in tobacco smoke.
  • For each cigarette you smoke, you take away five minutes of your life, on average the length of time it takes to finish the cigarette.
  • There is an association between cigarette smoking and diabetes.
  • On average smokers puff on light and menthol cigarettes such as malboro light cigarettes harder than regular cigarettes resulting in the same harmful levels of tar and nicotine to be consumed.
  • There is approximately a 20% sugar component in cigarettes. Millions of diabetic smokers are unaware of this fact.
  • A smoker’s immune system works harder than normal and is always active, but less effective than a non-smoker’s immune system.


Whether you’re a teen smoker or a lifetime two pack – a – day smoker, quitting can be tough. But the more you learn about your options and how to prepare for the “quitting” moment, the easier the process will be. With the right game plan tailored to your unique needs, you can break the addiction, manage your cravings, and join the millions who have kicked the habit for good.

Real Fitness has developed a program to help you quit smoking in a safe drug free manner.

We use our START method with each client;Kick It The Real Way

S = Set a quit date.

T = Tell family, friends and co-workers that you plan to quit.

A = Anticipate and plan for challenges you’ll face while quitting.

R = Remove cigarettes and other tobacco products from your home, work and car.

T = Talk to your doctor about options to help you quit smoking.

We teach you how to deal with cravings as well as how to identify triggers. You will learn how to keep a cravings journal for a week before your quit date. A session is devoted to dealing with stress, unpleasant feelings of loneliness, depression, fear and some of the common reasons people look to cigarettes. Real Fitness offers the use of our wellness facility during this eight week (8) period and will instruct clients on exercising techniques, meditating and yoga and how to use sensory relaxation strategies and how to practice breathing techniques for relaxation.

Each client will be exposed to their trigger flash points and taught how to deal with them so that the first reaction is not to reach for a cigarette. This avoidance technique becomes an important asset when staying smoke free. Coping with nicotine and withdrawal symptoms is what most people fail at when attempting to go smoke free. Real Fitness has employed a patent pending, John Hopkins researched natural device, unique to the going smokeless process that gives us the higher degree of success than most programs costing three times as much.

John Hopkins research concluded: “Smoking exposure reductions of 30% to 80% were obtained for both nicotine and carbon monoxide.” The John Hopkins study by Stitzer and colleagues is exciting, and a breakthrough in going smokeless, because the devise used by Real Fitness progressively lowers the amounts of toxins and the habit forming nicotine that smokers find so hard to eliminate in their life. Real Fitness’ smoke secession program educates the client, teaches them how to go smokeless with a devise that literally weans them from the harmful and addictive toxins and nicotine found in tobacco, as a learn how to replace old habits with healthy alternatives.

Quit SmokingThe eight week program, that include the use of the wellness facility, relaxing and yoga training, class room seminars and the use of the patent pending, Real Fitness quite smoking devise, is just $310.00 per person.

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