Ten Years ago Real Health and Fitness Center started our Silver Sneakers program and now we are the largest Silver Sneakers provider in the area proving you are Never too old to get in REAL Shape!

Silver Sneakers is first and foremost about feeling good about yourself and how you feel. Getting old is natural, getting out of shape is because you don’t use your body. The old adage is true, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Muscle, bone, and flexibility all go downhill if you do not use your body because your body was meant to stay active no matter what your age.

We like the Silver Sneakers program as it helps you stay feeling your healthiest. We also like that you can get the exercise you need with people your own age; you do not have to share the same equipment with that the 20 year old muscle builder; instead you get to exercise with your friends making it a fun time for everyone.

We have over ten Silver Sneaker classes a week including strength and conditioning classes, yoga classes, and we even plan social hours. We are more than just a gym, we are a total wellness center and we want to help you.

Did you know 1 out of 5 people 65 and older are eligible for the Silver Sneaker program because they are already paying for it as part of their health benefits? If you’re a group retiree or part of a Medicare health plan, you may already have a Silver Sneakers membership. Some examples of health plans that cover Silver Sneakers include:
• AARP® Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan
• Advantage by Managed Health Services
• Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
• Humana
• UnitedHealthcare®
• WPS Medicare Companion

You can click this link to check for eligibility or just stop in. We can check if you qualify plus we handle any paperwork so all you have to do is come and enjoy the classes. We would love it if you came by to see why the Silver Sneaker is so popular at Real Health and Fitness Center.