Need to use Free Weights? Real Health & Fitness Center in Cedarburg has what we proudly consider the finest free weight room north of Milwaukee. Everything from 2 pound weights to 200 pound weights are available plus all of the equipment you need to use them right.

Free weights are not just for power lifters, every athlete can quickly gain muscle mass to enhance their performance at running, biking, swimming, basketball, volleyball, you name it. Done right, the weight room saves time and enhances your game better than without proper muscle building.

Are you not an athlete? Proper weight training can also help with good posture (decreasing your aches and pains), energy levels, bone strength, and just all around feeling good and feeling good about yourself. At Real health and Fitness Center our friendly staff are here to help you and if you really want fast results, we can even provide one-on-one personal training sessions.

Don’t like waiting for equipment? We have a large number of open benches available that can be in the standard, incline, or decline position. There are also tons (literally) of free weights available to use.

Most weight rooms just have a few pieces of weight lifting equipment giving you a limited amount of exercises you can do and often making you wait to share. Our wide array of plate loaded equipment allows you to easily get setup and stay focused on your training and not waste time trying to make the wrong setup work for you.

Do you need specialty lifting equipment? We have all your favorite equipment including Olympic style lifting locations for dead lifts and squats. Come see why even many of the local coaches trust our weight room and bring their athletes here rather than anywhere else; like them, why should you settle for anything but the best?

You can really get a powerful workout down here in the weight room. Get your workout done with better results only at Real Health and Fitness Center.