The Real Transformation Program


This program looks at the total person and their lifestyle before we rush to judgment as to what your 12-week program will consist of. We start with a assessment of your metabolism and then, depending what this process shows us, we design our MAP system (Metabolism Adjustment Program) to meet the needs of your body.

This system was created by Coach Bob who transformed his body from 285 unhealthy pounds into 205 pounds of health. While we don’t expect everyone to be as strict as Coach Bob was during his 12- week transformation, we do know that his system works and it has helped thousands of people lose an average of 26 pounds during their 12-week period. Depending on your age, starting weight and current body composition, you should lose 1.5 to 2.5 pounds of fat each week until you reach your goal weight. However, you must commit to make a change!

We use a proven, medically safe approach to weight loss. Each person receives a private session with our own staff dietician, two personal training sessions with a certified coach, weekly weigh-ins and the use of our patent-pending online nutritional analyzer. Your MAP system will be tweaked as you progress through the program to allow for the maximum benefit during the 12-week period. Your eating habits will be reviewed by our registered dietitian and you will learn the effect certain foods have on your body composition.

In this 12-week period we will turn on your fat burning furnace and you will lose weight and learn how to control your weight for the rest of your life.

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It is our belief that this is the only weight loss program that will guarantee you results or give
you your money back.

bob hahn“When I developed this program I consulted with my personal doctor and sought out the safest way to help people lose body fat and not just weight. As one who, myself, has lost weight in the past only to “find it” again, I wanted to create a system that would allow anyone, in any shape, no matter how de-conditioned they might be, to get rid of unhealthy body fat for good. The task was to do it in a manner that would guard the clients health, show results and teach them nutritional habits that would allow them to keep the weight off for a life time.

It is said that any project that does not start with a plan, does indeed have a plan, and that plan is one of failure. This is why we do not let anyone start our program without our high-tech body scan that gives us all the needed information about the client to help them get rid of excess body fat. The five – page report you’ll find on the link below will show you just how much we will know, as a team, before we start your journey towards health.

This method of creating a program, just for you and your body type, has allowed us such success that we can offer our unique “Money Back Guarantee.” If you do not lose weight in the first month you’ll get your program fee back!”

To your health,

Coach Bob

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