Imagine – in just 6 months if you could find that “REAL You” again.

You remember when you could run, jump and play all day, go to bed and sleep all night, wake up refreshed and ready to do it all over again. Remember when you felt good about yourself, your weight, the way your clothes fit you and the reflection you saw in the mirror? What if you found a way to take your current age back into your youth? Would you be interested?

Real Fitness has developed a program that appears to meet the needs of those looking to change themselves and in just six (6) short months. This is not a military style boot camp or a “crazy routine” like some Cross Fit programs, this is a program designed just for you and where you are right now. This program is designed to deal with any limitations you may have, and start you on a programed path to obtain that feeling you use to have about yourself. No, it will not grow hair, or remove some signs of aging, but it will get you and your body back to a place where you feel good about you again.

This is a limited offer and we are offering this to just the first 32 people who sign up and join in on the fun journey to better health and a summer in the swim wear you’d like to wear or gets you back to enjoying the outdoors and being active again. Remember, it is just six (6) months long and costs less than one month of one of those programs that sell you food in the hopes that you will lose weight. Better yet, this is so much more than a weight loss program. (although, some of you may wish to lose weight as well)


    $460.00 Promotion special

    Purchased separately these services could cost you over $700.00. We are certified health providers which means most likely we can get you rebate money from your health insurance providers to help reduce the already discounted price of just $460.00. We have weight loss specialists, certified weight loss coaches, a registered dietitian, as well as, life coaches on our staff to assist you during your program. The program includes nine (9) Personal Training sessions and a Nutritional consult to guide you through a successful 6 month transformation to a better you. In short; this flat out works and we have the success stories to prove it!

    We market this as a $10.00/month membership program when you purchase the package that includes the training, nutritional and diet support. This $700.00 value is bundled for a one time fee of just $400.00 bringing the cost of this six (6) month program to just $460.00 before any possible insurance rebates.

    Don’t delay. If you want to look better, feel better and look younger this special promotion allows you to achieve these goals. If you want to be fit at any age you owe it to yourself to be one of the 32 lucky persons who start changing their life and self image today.

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