Group Exercise

Group Exercise Class schedule

Real Fitness offers almost 50 different classes per week during peak periods. As always, these classes are included in your membership fees. Click on “View Current Schedule” above, in the blue area, to check on the full listing of classes. To view a description of and details about a class, click on “the name of the class” in that view.

Real Health and Fitness is committed to offering a wide array of Group Exercise Classes to meet the diverse interests and fitness needs of our members.

All of our Group Exercise Classes are included in your membership.

Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes are a great way to challenge yourself, keep you committed, motivated, and connected with others!

Motivating yourself to work out several times a week isn’t always easy when you are getting started.

Group exercise classes can provide the spark!

Under the guidance of the instructor and the interaction with others, you get support and a motivational boost! Many group exercise participants have been through fitness and weight struggles too and are willing to share ideas about how they achieved their results.

You’re also more likely to stick to your exercise routine and achieve your goals if you work out in a group environment. Lively music, an instructor with a great personality and working out with other people is FUN! If you didn’t have fun in a class, then go to a different class that suits your personality better. It is trial and error to find your perfect class, but once you find it you’ll love it!

Plus, with the variety of classes offered at Real Health and Fitness, you have lots of options to get the job done and have fun while you’re doing it!