Long-Term Weight Loss


    We are committed to helping you achieve success in your quest to lose weight with our Silver program.

    Many people wish to take a slower, long term approach to weight loss and are either too busy or possess physical limitations that limit their ability to participate in vigorous exercise. Our dollar a day Silver Weight Loss Program was designed for those who have had problems losing weight and keeping it off. This program can be added to any one of our BASIC membership giving you a state-of-the-art, yet balanced weight loss system for just one dollar a day or $30.00/mo.

    Real Fitness provides you with the same body composition that we use with our Transformation program and the same sensible food choices but designed around you body’s resting metabolism and the number of calories your body needs to sustain your ideal weight. This “Ideal weight” is based on your age, gender and height. After a week of logging your foods you will take that food log to a meeting with our on-staff registered dietitian for a consultation on your current eating habits. Our staff will set up your on line food analyzer and train you how to use it. This will allow us to monitor your progress, of lack of it, and make suggested corrections that help you form a visual picture of what food choices and your weight have in common.

    You will attend monthly nutritional group sessions, participate in weekly weigh ins and have your exercise/movement program set up by a trainer so it is designed for long term success based on your current lifestyle and or any limitations you may have. Members who have followed this program have lost as much a 90 pounds in one years’ time, but more importantly, they have created lifestyle changes that has kept the weight off as they move forward in life with a healthier body.

    We have registered Dietitians as well as weight loss coaches on staff to help you during your journey. Our methods of training and education makes this the “Last diet” you’ll ever go on. We will teach you lifestyle changes that will allow you to take the weight off and keep it off throughout your life.

    We start with the most advanced methods, equivalent to hydrostatic weighing, to accurately determine your true Lean Body Mass, your accurate Body Mass Index (or Fat Free Mass) while providing you with the accurate measurement of the amount of Body Fat that you really have. This is not a “guess work” process, but using scientifically proven bio-impedance technology, we will give you a five page report of just what your body composition is, in addition to your current health risks, before we make any recommendations. No need to undress or even take your shoes off to have this assessment completed at Real Fitness’ weight loss center.

    To see our Body Composition Assessment Report click here.

    Use this link to download your evaluation forms: Get started by filling out the Registration Forms