Personal Fitness Training

bob hahn

Bob Hahn

I’m really proud of the staff of certified trainers here at Real Fitness. As a senior advisor and a certified trainer myself I have provided a pool of trainers as diverse as our membership to service everyone and all their unique differences. Our comment to our members is to provide a real approach to the people that make up our membership base with both nutritional and physical training. Many of our certified trainers also teach group exercise classes as well. We provide one of the largest selections of group exercise choices in the county and pride ourselves in the one-on-one approach our trainers give each member. Whether you are interested in weight loss, cardio, strength, flexibility or balance we have a friendly and knowledgeable staff to ensure that your needs are met at Real Fitness.

personal training

What is Personal Training

Our staff has thousands of hours of training and continually upgrade their certifications to ensure you are trained properly and safely. We have the ability to properly test your physical condition prior to your starting any class or program. Depending on your choice of programs, we can provide you with monthly updates that measure the effectiveness of your program and how you are responding on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

personal trainingWe offer both male and female trainers on a per session bases or at group discounted pricing. We can accommodate special needs as well as rehabilitation training after an injury. For the best results on your health and wellness goals talk to one of our friendly trainers and see how we can kick start your program and put you months ahead of those who elect to simply work out on their own. Personal training provides you with a guide that insures injury free progress where you are shown the correct technique to achieve the results you were looking for when you join a gym or wellness center. Toning, strength, better balance and weight loss require different technique and form that only a certified trainer can show you. A Personal Trainer will get you the results faster and teach you how to keep your new found fitness for years to come.
personal trainingOne on one Personal training at Real Fitness matches you to a trainer that understands not just who you are but what you want from a training program. Working with you, and any limitations, will take away the intimidation or confusion that often side-tracks ones fitness journey. They will help motivate you and show you just where to begin and how to proceed to the next level so your commitment to a membership provides you with the best rewards possible for the time you spend in a gym.
personal trainingOur pricing is such that you almost cannot afford not to hire a Personal Trainer. We like to tell members that this is the best insurance coverage they could possibly buy for your most important asset.

One – on – One
Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

Non-Member Pricing
1 – $75
5 – $340
10 – $660

Member Pricing
1 – $45
5 – $210
10 – $400

*Non-Member Pricing includes ten-day membership to gym

Two Person
Sessions are 60 minutes in length.
Pricing includes both clients.

Member with Non-Member Price
2 sessions – $250
4 sessions – $450

6 Month Package
Includes membership, nutrition consult and
Personal Training Sessions Basic
Two 45 minute sessions per month
$75 enrollment and $134 per month
Four 45 minute sessions per month
$75 enrollment and $200 per month