Nutrition Counseling

nutrition counselingIf you are looking to improve the quality of your health, as well as your eating habits you might want to consider engaging the services of a relevant professional. Typically you will want to seek the services of someone such as a nutritionist or a dietician. They can offer you advice and information that’s specific to your health needs. A lot of people use the terms interchangeably, but there is actually a bit of a difference. When we look at those differences we discover it’s not so much nutritionist vs dietician, but rather more about the person seeking healthy eating and nutrition advice that matters. At Real Fitness we give you a choice of either or. We have both on staff nutritionist and registered dietician as well as a certified diet coach to help you in your journey towards health and wellness.

What Can Nutritionists and Dieticians Help With?

dieticianBoth of the two professions are able to help you with all aspects of healthy eating and nutrition advice. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, either a dietician or nutritionist will be able to help you with a customized meal plan to achieve that goal.
Typically your past health complaints will be investigated, and the role nutrition plays in health concerns will be discussed. This sort of approach works well in combination with other ways of treating illness.

Since proper eating habits will influence so much of our health, each professional will be looking for preventative solutions that will help avoid potential health pitfalls further down the road. By eating correctly for your biology you can help to minimize or even avoid negative health impacts down the road.

While it’s easy to head down to the bookstore or browse the internet for healthy eating advice, a nutritionist or dietician at Real Fitness will be able to create a plan specially for you, as well as being able to monitor what that shiny new diet is doing for you health wise. By using our unique on line nutritional analyzer the entire wellness staff at Real Fitness can monitor your food choices and with that knowledge will be your ally and your partner in your quest to become a healthier person.