Barre classes and Training

Real Fitness provides A rich history in Barre, a passion for teaching, and a focus on proper body mechanics and postural alignment combine to create the most comprehensive and scientifically-sound fitness program in the Barre category. These classes and training sessions are taught by certified Barre instructors who are trained to give you the best results in a short period of time. IF you are looking for the “dancer’s body” or just looking to lose a few pounds and tighten up your tummy this class is for you.

Our Barre classes/Training

Fluidity BarreReal Fitness offers two (2) introductory Bare classes per week (see class page for details) free of charge to our members. We also offer two (2) more advance group training classes each week for a small fee. These advance classes are one hour long and provide more personal guidance to the student. They are eight (8) sessions long and can be purchased by members or non-members for just $99.00

These sessions are designed to provide the keys to developing whole-body strength and flexibility and the long, lean lines of a dancer’s body. Many who use the Barre practices taught at Real Fitness report great weight loss and toning.


The Lotte Berk Method of Barre training was created by former ballerina Lotte Berk in London in 1959. The premise of the Lotte Berk Method centered on using one’s own body weight and a wall-mounted ballet barre to develop whole-body strength and flexibility – to develop a dancer’s body. The Lotte Berk Method Studio opened in New York City in 1972 and quickly built an intensely loyal following that included Madison Avenue socialites and Hollywood celebrities. While steep in tradition, the Lotte Berk Method and other barre workouts derived from it have not evolved with a modern-day understanding of physiology. Real Fitness’ Barre classes brings the classic barre training method to the next level with these 5 points of difference:

1) The Real Fitness Barre provides the stability of a wall-mounted ballet barre in a home like setting, apart from the general gym population, thus not compromising the integrity of the original private studio workout. Better still, the Real Fitness Barre class and training sessions are adjusted to your fitness level and your level of flexibility.

2) Real Fitness focuses on strengthening the back of the body more so than the front. Daily habits like sitting for extended periods of time strengthen the front – and weaken the back – of your body. These Barre classes develops your back line to create whole-body balance and beauty and improve functional strength…something you don’t do with a general gym workout!

3) The Barre movements are performed in a neutral pelvic position (a position where the pelvis aligns properly with the lumbar spine and tailbone) as this position supports the spine and enables optimal movement. Real Fitness’ trainers assure that your body is in the proper position to give you the best results from this amazing class or training session.

4) Barre exercises use your own body weight to strengthen the arms whereas other workouts for some women can alienate this genius of muscle integration and turn to free weights in an attempt to get results. (weights isolate muscles and develop the arms disproportionately where Barre classes will not).

5) Real Fitness’ Barre training recognizes that the shoulder is a complex joint requiring special attention (it’s often the first to deteriorate with age) and may incorporates resistance bands, or other proven methods, to therapeutically strengthen this vulnerability.