Body & Fitness Assessment

At Real Fitness we want to know just where you are in your fitness journey before you start. We offer cutting edge body composition tests using technology that measures body fat, lean muscle mass, water weight, BMI and even gives us the amount of calories your body needs each day to be healthy. No pinching with body fat calipers or invasive testing, just step on our high-tech scale and we’ll give you your starting metrics and a basis to measure your progress as long as you are a member of Real Fitness. Please see one of our trainers to get your FREE assessment when you visit Real Fitness.

To see a copy of a complete high-tech body scan results of our Health Assessment click here.

Fit consult

slide17At Real Fitness we offer New Member Services which includes a fitness consultation to get your membership off on the right foot. You have the opportunity to meet with a personal trainer to assess your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness levels. You will learn basic exercise techniques and get advice on what programming options would be best for you. This is included in our new member services fee, it is optional but, for just $75.00 you get $255.00 worth of services. Please make an appointment with one of our Certified Trainers at the front desk for more information on training packages or to schedule your fitness consultation.