Corporate Wellness

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At the Real Health & Fitness, we believe that all companies, large and small, deserve a customized wellness program that meets and exceeds your staff’s expectations. The Real Fitness Corporate Wellness Program’s primary function is to provide your staff with the maximum amount of information, motivation, and enthusiasm to adopt and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  Studies show that for every dollar invested in a wellness program returns almost $13.60 to the employer. Simply call for a personal visit at your location or visit our facility in Cedarburg to discuss your unique needs so we can create a program that meets your needs. Real Fitness knows that your business is important to you and we can design a program that meets at your facility or at ours. Group discounts are available and our program complies with the new Affordable Health Care Law.

Studies indicate that corporate wellness programs often contribute to:

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Better retention and recruitment
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced disability time
  • Reduced overall health costs
Related Points:

  • Wellness program tailored to fit corporate culture and employee needs
  • Free on-site fitness & nutrition seminars
  • Inter-company wellness challenges
  • On-line Nutrition Access
  • Reduced Initiation and Membership Fee
  • Small Company and corporate discounts available

Quit Smoking

Now, all new ‘Quit Smoking’ Program:
Quit Smoking