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Meet some of our success stories! These are people just like you that wanted to lose weight, drop sizes, feel better about themselves as they gained more strength and confidence. They did it, and so can you! And just how do you do it? Simply do it now, it’s fun, easy and will last a lifetime!

The non military Transformation Boot Camp concept was founded in 2003 in Dallas, TX by fitness expert Mike Thornton. In 2010 Coach Bob Hahn, of Real Fitness in Cedarburg and Mike brought this successful concept to Wisconsin incorporating Real Fitness’ weight loss and wellness concepts into the proven fitness program.

Since its inception, we have literally helped thousands of men and women lose weight and inches, gain strength and confidence, and quite literally transform their lives for the better. Scroll down and read about some of our success stories on the Lost & Found board.


**CLICK ON THE PICTURES** to read each of these campers full transformation story. Here you will see some great BEFORE and AFTER pictures as well as read some great testimonials of mental, physical, and lifestyle transformations.

Rachel Volmer - after
Rachel lost 60 lbs…
and found her AWESOME!
Natalie Smith
Natalie lost 90 lbs…
and found her HEALTH!
Doug Levy - after
Doug lost 25 lbs…
and found his ENERGY!
Robin Kaston
Robin lost 58 lbs…
and found a LIFESTYLE!
Lisa Lester - after
Lisa lost the weight…
and found TONE ARMS!
Meg Gorman - after 150_x_225
Meg lost the last 10 lbs…
and found her PASSION!
Alan Rosenberg - after
Alan lost 15 lbs…
and found STRESS RELIEF!
Paula Brinson - after
Paula lost 18 lbs…
and found her NIFTY!
Billy Hataway - after
Billy lost 25 lbs…
and found NEW FRIENDS!
Debbie Higgins - after
Debbie lost 20 lbs…
and found more ENERGY!


Check out the testimonials below for even more tales of TRANSFORMATION. We have people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels transforming their bodies inside and out and finding a fitness LIFESTYLE.

From a Size 14 to a 4!

“THANK YOU for the awesome camp you provide. I have lost 55 lbs and gone from a size 14 to a size 4! Thank you for all your encouragement and for pushing us in a “nice” way!” – Rachel Volmer

Lost 34 lbs in 2 camps!

“Your program is great and it works! Since joining 2 months ago, I have lost 34 lbs! I am sold on the program and am ready to commit for the next year.” – Jeff E.

57 lbs / This has Changed my Life!

“I just wanted to let you know that I reached my goal of 57 lbs of weight loss! Thanks for all that you do to make TBC such a great experience. It has truly changed my life!” – Robin Kaston

30 lbs in first camp!

“I lost 30 lbs in my first 4-week boot camp and have already lost another 5 in the first week of my second camp. This program works! – Dwight Schauer

27 lbs Lost / Size 10 to 2!

“I just want to take a minute to thank you again for providing the camp and the nutrition program. I’ve now lost 27 pounds and gone from a size 10 to a size 2!! WOO HOO!! This was the best Christmas present EVER! It really has changed my entire attitude these days. I feel so much better about EVERYTHING. I feel like Valerie Bertinelli – this will be the first New Year that I haven’t had to make a resolution to get in shape and lose weight. Do you know how cool that is??? Fantastic!! :-)” – Lee Ann Porter

8 lbs in my First 8 Weeks!

“I finally found my original starting numbers from the assessment I did when I started the camp two months ago. So in eight weeks I have lost 8 pounds, lost an inch and a half in my waist and an inch in my hips and also 2% body fat! But more than anything my goal for this camp was to just feel better overall physically and mentally – and that has definitely happened as well. I truly feel like I am being transformed! Thanks for your continued motivation and “positivity”!! It definitely keeps me going! Thanks for rooting us on!!!” – Christy Krouse

Bye, bye Spare Tire at 56!

“I turned 56 last year and was slowly becoming a slug. I decided to join Transformational boot camp to reclaim my body and mind. As a mid 50 year old I was starting to show the spare tire around my waist which took a toll on my energy level and my get-up and go spirit. The 1st month of working out was tough but after 3 months, I’ve lost most of my spare tire, I am full of energy and would rather be bouncing around doing something rather than sitting on the sofa. I can’t imagine going back to slugsville. Thanks Mike for your motivation and great workouts!” – Bill Baxter

Dropped my Cholesterol by 47 Points!

“My LDL cholesterol dropped a whopping 47 points from 147 to 100 in 3 months. I saved the lab work and my doctor said I was “a new man” when she got the lab scores. My wife and I were pretty ecstatic about the results considering I have always been in excellent health and my doctor told me that I had six months to get it down or she was going to make me start meds. Thank you!” – Matt Carlton

I LOVE Transformation Boot Camp!

“I just wanted to let you know I love Transformation Boot Camp so much! I’ve had such great results including a more toned physique, more energy and sleeping better ever since I started attending the camps which is what I need as a new business owner. I’ve recently had to make financial cuts in my personal budget and decided to cut out 24 Hour Fitness and keep Transformation Boot Camp…Yeah!” – Kathy Corey

A Great Program / 8 lbs in my First Month!

“Just a quick note to say thank you. My first month in camp was a big success. I lost 8 lbs, and accomplished everything I wanted to in those 4 weeks. I am getting stronger and fitter and I am feeling more energetic throughout the day. I want to thank you for your knowledge, passion and attitude. I think you run a great program. I am signed up for next month and ready to get after it.” – John Winslow

This is Fun and Motivating!

“I know it’s your job to encourage and push us, but just wanted to send a note of thanks for always holding us accountable and making it fun at the same time. I find it really helpful when you explain each exercise and the purpose of them, call out times, use encouraging words, and just your overall support. It’s so hard getting up early and making it to bootcamp in the morning but after the session I feel very glad that I made the effort. I hate when I miss a class but I NEVER regret finishing a class 🙂 So, THANK YOU!” – Ruth Kubajack

Recommend it to Everyone!

“I joined Transformation Boot Camp on a recommendation from a friend and the need to have a change in my workout routine. I had no idea what to expect other than a workout. I cannot express how wonderful TBC has been for me. By attending the 4 week session and following the recommended meal plans, I was able to lose 4 pounds and decrease my body fat. TBC gives me the extra push I need every time. I recommend TBC to everyone interested in seeing benefits from a great, fun workout. TBC has definitely become an important part of my workout.” – Meg Gorman

Mentally Sharp at 57!

“I have been faithfully coming to bootcamp for two year now (4 months off for surgery) and have loved the workouts, people, atmosphere. I am always disappointed when I must miss and at 57 years old feel like this keeps me in shape and more mentally sharp.” – Nancy Steele

Your Approach / 16 lbs Lost!”

I came to your camp after listening to a friend talk about the level approach to how you treat all campers. I have been impressed and encouraged that your camp truly is for everyone. Over the past 2 sessions, I have reduced my weight by 16 lbs. It has been a great start to the day and given me energy and focus. I can really tell a difference in her mental and physical well being.” – Michael Tannery

Impressed my Doctor / 65 lbs Lost!

“I have lost a total of 65 pounds, but most importantly I have gained self confidence and a more active lifestyle. My doctor was very impressed and asked for the boot camp website to find out more about the program! – Alex Muchnick

10 lbs in First Month!

“My first camp kicked my butt, and I lost 10 lbs! I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up, but I found out that I could really push myself and get great results!” – Belinda Bullard

Weight Loss / 14 lbs!

“I’ve learned how to work each one of my muscle groups, totally changed the way I eat, and I’ve lost 14 lbs with this camp!” – Mellissa Ward

Recommend this Class!

“I have never worked out so hard in my life!! I truly feel like I got 110% out of it. I recommend this class to anyone who needs the extra push and motivation!” – Sheri Brown

I have more Confidence!

“The classes are fantastic – the other team members couldn’t have been nicer – the instructors are the best! This camp not only gives you more confidence with how you look and feel but how you act and think!” – Suzy Boyle

Weight Loss and Inches / Down 30 lbs!

“I can’t thank you enough for creating Transformation Boot Camp!! I’m now down 30 lbs and 4″ in my waist. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!” – Sloan Ozanne

Higher Energy!

“Thank you for your fantastic program! I can’t tell you how much I absolutely love your boot camp. My energy levels are higher and I feel much better! – Carolyn Carlson

Rock Star Arms!

“I’ve lost 6 pounds and a friend actually said I have rock star arms! The best part is that I’ve never looked forward to a workout before – it’s fun! Thanks for the motivation!” – Leslie Tubbs

Already Down a Size!

“I just want to say thank you for creating the Transformation Boot Camp. Since I started the camp, I am already down a size!” – Kathryn Hackett

I am Extremely Pleased!

“I am seeing great results in a short time period that I could not have achieved on my own. Mike has done a great job combining the right exercises to achieve maximum results. I could not be more pleased with what I got out of this camp!” – Ryan Roberts

A Comprehensive Program!

“The program is very motivating and comprehensive. It has helped me focus on reaching certain goals for myself physically. Thanks!” – Elizabeth Parks

Stronger and More Confident!

“I was able to get into the best shape I’d been in for a long time. I felt stronger and more confident doing boot camp than any other exercise program, and it was amazing that my body remembered how fast it could really run and move! Great experience!” – L. Stone

Lose Body Fat and Inches!

“After just one month I’ve lost 2 inches of my waist, 2.5% body fat and feel more firm and toned than ever. I am on my second month now and will definitely keep signing up for more!” – Talia Castellanos

Got my Body Back!

“I love the TBC! I originally signed up for boot camp to gain more energy after my second baby. I not only got that, but my whole body transformed! I never knew I had muscles and after 2 kids, I have a toned tummy again!” – Liz Balady